Project ADMOZ

Social media revolutionized direct communication.

What can you do
thanks to Messenger marketing?

The beauty of Messenger Marketing is that you can still do everything you’re used to in your marketing activities. Our tool makes everything easier and more effective. And that’s great for Facebook Messenger marketing.

It gives you all the automation you can want, but in a private and personal way. As a result, it provides less friction for the end user, helping to develop deeper customer relationships.

If you don’t want to avoid missing the biggest marketing opportunity on the horizon, the first step is to register for a free ADMOZ account. It’s a quick, easy and free way to get started with your messenger.

Stay in touch with customers

Begin conversations that produce results

The emission of advertisements with the aim of Message will be optimized in terms of response, at the same time increasing the probability that customers will want to contact the companies and will not be satisfied with thinking about the purchase, but will take action.


Send a sequential message to the subscriber. Subscribers will be assigned automatically within the campaign.


This is a very effective tool that can display analyses of new conversations, active conversations, etc.


Nadawca Messengera

Messenger sender

Send a mass message to all your potential customers in seconds. Fast bulk sending


A suite of super tools that can be very useful to get more and more Messenger subscribers.

4 phases aimed at strengthening your company

Thanks to the marketing of news on Facebook you can:

Since the FB business side is linked to a personal FB profile, both communicators can play a significant role in increasing the number of fans or potential customers.

Build customer base

Campaigns in social media can be very helpful in the process of creating a customer base.

Build trust and relations

Appropriate relationship management ensures that your products will find a wider group of loyal customers.

Build customer relations.

Build an image, maintain customer relations and promote your brand through our tools.

Approaching sales

Generate traffic This is probably the most logical way to increase sales through social media.

Facebook has already exceeded 2 billion users

Make the conversation on the messenger
as part of his marketing strategy.

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Ensure your visibility

Messenger makes it easy to react, whether you want to manage your calls manually via the website or build a custom environment for Messenger with our tool.


Messenger to customer support

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by our Messenger tools and save your time. Don’t let your customers wait. Create a strategy that answers your basic questions.


Automate operations in Messenger.

Once you have determined what your messages may be useful for, you can create a fully or partially automated process in Messenger, either directly from the Messenger API or directly from our tool.


Send messages to customers with no limits

Deepen your relationship by sending messages through your website. With messages, your business will be perceived as more direct and personal.


Statistics on Mesenger

If you’re thinking about effective Facebook action, you need to rely on data and control your actions. Pay attention to the type of posts that make your fans most engaged and at what times of the day they are most active.

Choose your package
and start selling today!

Wondering which package to choose? Everything depends on your industry, the nature of your company, your offer and, above all, your target group.

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We form a harmonious team which is a mixture of creative and analytical minds. We have a variety of experiences that translate into a better knowledge of the market and a large dose of ideas.