Import multiple accounts on Facebook. Account feature lets you view messages from multiple accounts


Allows you to set the automatic response to the comment and comment on the private response.

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Send a mass message to your contacts in Messenger. Efficient and fast marketing tool.


You can easily place text, image, link, video or carousel/video on your Facebook page.


You can send a multi-page campaign or a multi-group campaign or a custom campaign.


You will be able to see full delivery reports of your campaigns, where you will find the final report.


Facebook Messenger Marketing

It is now the latest marketing technology that becomes the best alternative to e-mail marketing every day.
Thanks to our website you can send messages to all instant messaging subscribers. You can send messages to all old and new mesenger subscribers.

Send bulk message

It has the function of sending BULK messages without the application's consent. This is a complete web marketing tool.

Page Message Manager

It helps you see unread messages, send answers, and provides chat features.

Auto Comment Like

This is a tool that allows you to get instant likes for comments. It has a feature for automatically adding new posts.

Automatic private response

It has a feature that allows you to send automatic replies to your post inbox.

Text/Image/Video/Link Post

It has a feature for publishing all types of posts on Facebook pages.

Automatic response comments

It has a function of sending automatic replies to comments commenting on your post.

Sending messages builds trust.

Build a bond with more than 1.3 billion Messenger users.

Messenger is no longer just a messenger, but a whole ecosystem of services and products in which every business can find its place. With our tool, you can send promotional content straight to the messenger. Messenger is not a toy, it's a powerful marketing tool.
Deepen relationships

How can this tool help your company?

ADMOZ are not only the marketing tools of Messenger, but also the most complete features of website publishing, which may be ahead of other Facebook publishing tools available on the market.

Get customers

Our application makes it easier to attract customers because you can directly encourage the recipient to take action in the place where they are staying.

Run the transaction

The fact that a company uses Messenger gives its customers the opportunity to browse its products and services and shop directly in conversation.

Increase recognition

Whether you're launching a new product or trying to increase recognition, conversations help create meaningful relationships between your company and its customers.

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